New Light



At New Light stores you will find lighting products by world’s most popular brands and companies.


New Light is a Georgian company, which  was founded by Mr Zurab Gabinashvili in 1999, highlighting high range of lighting systems for Georgian customers.

The company achieved success in the field of lighting and architecture in a very short period, becoming a leading and prestigious brand in Georgia and Caucasus Region. New Light provides products for different projects in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

New Light stores showcase over 11 000 different products by leading brands from all over the world.

The company has more than 200 employees and 19 different locations, 12 of which are in Tbilisi and 7 in other regions of Georgia.

Since 2013, New Light has opened a furniture branch. Forum by New Light is a premium class showroom, highlighting leading European brands in furniture, lighting and accessories.


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Forum by New Light is an unique project with its architecture and distinguished design. on 3500sq.m are presented world famous brands' Furniture, Lighting, Accessories.

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